SIC Past Events

Mediation Service for Security Staff Launched

A mediation service for security officers and their bosses to resolve employment-related disputes and workplace grievances was launched on 16 Aug 2018 by the Union of Security Employees Singapore (USE) and the Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management (TADM). Run by USE, its aim is to resolve disputes earlier, rather than taking them to the TADM.

Mediation Service @ USE

May Day 2018 Awards

ACSA received the Partner of the Labour Movement for her role in the Security Tripartite Council (SIC) and Security Tripartite Cluster (STC).

One of ACSA’s member – APRO Asian Protection Services also received the Partner of the Labour Movement for it contributions to the Security Tripartite Cluster (STC).

Impact Security Services and Metropolis Security Systems received the Plaque of Commendations.

The awards were presented Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Trade and Industry and Secretary General of NTUC.

Congratulations and best wishes to the recipients. See communiqué from USE below.

May Day 2018 Awards

Matching Session with SSAS for ACSA and SAS Members

With the authorities encouraging the security industry to embrace technology as an enabler to provide security services, ACSA and SAS got together and decided to serve as a matchmaker between members of ACSA and SAS with members of SSAS.

The inaugural match making session was held on 20 March 2018 at the NTUC Centre. About 80 members from ACSA and SAS responded to the session. The technology vendors were busy sharing with the visitors on the array of technological equipment that were available in the market. Many of the SAs were pleased with ACSA and SAS for mooting the matchmaking session. The session opened the horizons of the SAs who were not very familiar with the gadgets available in the marketplace.

Another session will be held soon.

SIC Buyers' Seminar 1 (1 Mar 2018)

SIC Buyers’ Seminar 1

The 1st Buyers’ Seminar organised by the SIC was held on 1 March 2018 at the NTUC Centre @ OMB. 30 representing 16 buyers of security services were present. Members of the ACSA ExCo, SAS Management Committee Members and USE  Management Committee Members were also in attendance to lend their support.

Representatives were given an update on the changes that will be introduced to the private security industry to face with the insurmountable challenges that will transform the security posture in Singapore.

The revised PWM, how to process tenders for security services, changes to contractual clauses and security officers welfare were the topics were the subjects that were shared during the dialogue. ACSA President Robert Wiener, ACSA Secretary William Seak, SAS Presidents Raj Joshua Thomas and USE’s Executive Secretary Steve Tan were the speakers who covered the fore-going topics.

Two SAs namely Prosegur Integra and Securitas shared their agencies’ experiences in adopting technology to complement security manpower. Both agencies representatives urged the buyers present to adopt the combination security manpower and technology to mitigate the security.