19th Annual General Meeting (AGM)

ACSA held its 19 th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 7 th June 2018 at the Maritime Hall. SeaCare Building, Singapore. A record 55 members and 12 observers attended the AGM. It was one of then highest turnout in recent years.

The AGM commenced promptly at 3.30 pm. The meeting was conducted in accordance to the agenda for the AGM.

President Robert Wiener shared with members present on the activities that were carried out in the past year. A milestone “marriage” between ACSA and SAS took place on Valentine’s Day -14 th February 2018, when the two associations jointly organised a Town Hall meeting for her members. There was a good show of support by the two security associations. More joint activities are underway in the coming months.

The highlight of the day was the election of the Executive Board for the term 2018-2020. Appended below is the newly elected Executive Board for 2018-2020:

From left to right: Susan, William, Gary, John, Robert, Vicky, Ismail, Morrine, Tejdeep, Peggy, Nair, Khairul





Robert Wiener

Prosegur Singapore PL

Deputy President

John Vijayan Vasavan

Weavepact Security Services PL

Honorary Secretary

Gary Haris

KH Security Agency PL

Asst. Hon. Secretary

A S Nair

GCM Safety & Security PL

Honorary Treasurer

Vicky Nathan

Assured Protection & Security Consultancy PL
Asst. Hon. Treasurer

AR Ismail

Stallion Security Investigation & Consultancy PL

Committee Member

Henson Morrine

Alwatch Security Management PL

Committee Member

Khairul Anwar

Aardwark Security Service PL

Committee Member

Susan Loo

P & P Security Services PL

Committee Member

William Seak

Premier Security Co-operative Ltd

Committee Member

Peggy Tay

Vigilantech Security Management PL

Committee Member

Tejdeep Singh (TJ)

Deep Security Services PL

After the AGM, members adjourned to Club 52 for the Members Night, after the conclusion of the AGM.

Security ITM Framework Launch

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ITM and Skills Framework Launch

Launch of the ITM and Skills Framework for Security Industry was held on Tuesday, 13 February 2018. The event was officiated by Mrs Josephine Teo, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office, 2nd Minister, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Manpower. Mrs Teo’s speech is appended below: Security.aspx


Inaugural ACSA-SAS Townhall Meeting

Valentine Day 2018 was a special day for ACSA and SAS. Both ACSA and SAS held hands by jointly organising the 1 st Townhall meeting for members of both Associations. It’s a milestone event and goes down in history.

Both security associations were founded over 2 decades ago to serve the interests of private security industry. Held at the RELC on 14 Febriary 2018, a record 270 representatives witnessed this milestone event. The overwhelming response bears testimony of the support extended by members of both associations.

Members present gave their support to the elected officials of ACSA and SAS to pursue the SAs’ interests’ in crafting equitable contractual terms and engaging the buyers to be provided fair and plausible contractual terms like prompt payments and reasonable liquidated damages (LD).

Members were informed that the bonding and working relationship amongst the two security associations, Union of Security Employees, NTUC,PLRD and MOM were cordial and has paved the way for open and frank discussions and resulting in informed decision.

Senior representatives of PLRD and MOM who attended this meeting gave further updates on the criteria for SAGE 2018.