About ACSA

About ACSAOur Background

ACSA was formed on 18 March 1997. It was largely mooted by the initiative of the CID Licensing Division – presently known as SIRD and officiated by Cisco – presently known as Certis Cisco. The early mandate was to explore training needs for the private security industry and since then, ACSA has helped to develop security training for the industry and even sponsored and chaired the ICAP initiative (private security training framework) with a department of the Productivity Standards Board (PSB). Since then, the PSB department has evolved to SPRING Singapore and more recently to the Singapore Workplace Development Agency (WDA). Among its many milestones, ACSA has helped developed the National Skills Recognition System (NSRS) for security training – today has evolved and known as Workplace Skills Qualification (WSQ) for security training. Presently, ACSA boast her membership strength of 57 license Security Guarding Agencies.

Our Job

The association defines “private security” as that activity which involves the provision of manpower, security equipment and procedures in a property for the protection of personnel, assets and information against any form of hurt, loss or sabotage and in this regard includes the provision of security training.

Vision & Mission - ACSA

Our Vision

ACSA aims to be the leading security association in Singapore acting as a VOICE of licensed security agencies and their employees.

Our Mission

ACSA will adopt an APPROACHABLE, CARING AND SERVICE orientated front, to engage her members , partnering relevant government agencies, buyers and other stakeholders with an appropriate and amicable ATTITUDE to enhance the landscape of the private security industry to create a platform for a safe and secure Singapore.


ACSA’S TRUSTS are as follows:
To be Approachable
Caring for its employees
Service-orientated towards its stakeholders
appropriate and amiable Attitude

Association of Certified Security Agencies (ACSA) LogoLogo

What does the logo symbolises?

The red depicts leadership – many have come to recognise the association as an industry leader;

The multiple stars represent the various agency members, coming together as one in the spirit of co-operation;

The white depicts the reservoir of wisdom which is what the association imparts to her members and industry stakeholders;

The varying tones of the blue depicts a high degree of integrity, which is a value that the association hold steadfastly and it binds all our attributes; and

Finally, the concentric circles and the shield in the middle depicts protection which is the core function of what our members do in their business, protecting people’s lives and property.