Sick Leave

Sick leave – Section 44

  1. Eligibility: Any employee who has served an employer for a period of not less than 3 months of completed service shall be entitled to paid sick leave
  2. Phase in entitlements
  3. Examination: At expense of employer
  4. Entitlements:
    – 14 days outpatient per year
    – 60 days inpatient per year
    – entitlement to paid sick leave for the year shall not exceed 60 days in total i.e. 60 less 14, NOT 60 + 14
  5. An employee who absents himself on sick leave without informing or attempting to inform his employer of such sick leave within 48 hours shall be deemed to be AWOL
  6. The employer shall pay for every day of sick leave except on a rest day, public holiday or annual leave or when he is on no pay leave granted by the employer at his request
  7. Allow employees to obtain medical certificates from other government clinic or hospital if:
    a. company doctor not available
    b. during emergency situations
    c. overseas