Hours of work & overtime

Hours of Work

  1. Not more than 8 hours a day or 44 hours per week
  2. 1 rest day per week of seven days
  3. Every six (6) hours of work entitle to half an hour of rest period

Work on rest day – Section 37

  1. No employee shall be compelled to work on a rest day
  2. Any employee who at his own request works for an employer on a rest day shall be paid the usual salary
  3. An employee who at the request of his employer works on a rest day shall be paid 2 times his daily rate and any Overtime pay (OT) at 1.5 times the basic hourly pay
  4. No employee shall work for more than 12 hours in any one day and on a rest day except for the following circumstances:
    – accident, actual or threatened;
    – work, the performance of which is essential to the life of the community;
    – work essential for defense or security;
    – urgent work to be done to machinery or plant;
    – an interruption of work which it was impossible to foresee; or
    – work to be performed by employees in any industrial undertaking essential to the economy of Singapore
  5. An employee shall not be permitted to work overtime for more than 72 hours a month

 Holidays – Section 42

  1. Every employee shall be entitled to 11 public holidays at his gross rate of pay or give the employee a day off in substitution for that holiday
  2. If any of the holidays specified in that Schedule falls on a rest day, the working day next following that rest day shall be a paid holiday
  3. An employee who absents himself from work on the working day immediately preceding or immediately succeeding a holiday or any day substituted without the prior consent of his employer or without reasonable excuse shall not be entitled to any holiday pay for that holiday
  4. Any employee may be required to work on any holiday and shall be paid 2 times of the gross rate of pay for that day and to travelling allowance, if payable to him