Annual Leave

Annual leave – Section 43

  1. Eligibility: An employee working for more than 3 months shall be entitled to 7 days leave for the first 12 months
  2. An additional one day for each year of service to a maximum of 14 days in addition to the rest days, holidays and sick leave
  3. The employer shall pay the gross rate of pay for every day of such leave and if an employee has been terminated, the employer shall pay the gross rate of pay in respect of every day of leave remaining
  4. Pro-rated: Permitted for incomplete year of service
    – <1/2 day disregard, >1/2 to one day
  5. Unpaid Leave: To be disregarded when computing continuous service
  6. Forfeit:
    – AWOL without the permission from the employer or without reasonable excuse for more than 20% of work days
    – failure to take leave of previous year entitlement
    – dismissed for proven misconduct