About ACSA

The Association of Certified Security Agencies (ACSA), Which was formed on 18 March 1997, started off with a handful of members and gradually, the membership grew to 70 odd with 12 approved training schools.

ACSA aims to promote professionalism in the security industry through interaction amongst it’s members. The association establishes a framework for self-regulation of it’s members, and promotes development programmes for it’s members.

The Association defines “security” as that activity that involves the provision of manpower and equiptment for the protection of personnel, property and information by any form of loss prevention and in this regard includes the provision of security related training.

The objective of the Association is to provide an anenue for members to interact in order to promote professionalism in the security industry and to conduct and carry out activities related to security for the purpose of gaining recognition for the Association and for the furtherance of the Security Industry. The Association aims to establish a framework for the self-regulation of it’s members in terms of professionalism, standards and ethical conduct and to encourage the observance of them.

There are altogether 12 ACSA accredited security training schools:

1. Cente School of Security Training Pte Ltd
2. CISCO Academy
3. E.S.I. Training Centre
4. Evtec Consultants
5. Kalastree and Associates Pte Ltd
6. KCMAX Training Centre
7. King’s Security Training School Pte Ltd
8. Premier Training Cooperative Limited
9. Royal Training Academy Pte Ltd
10. SIGMA Security Consultants
11. Silent Knight Training Centre
12. Solomon Security Training & Assessment Centre Pte Ltd

So far, the Association has organized five overseas Study Tours of which one was in July 2001 in Bangkok, Thailand, the second in September 2002 in Perth, Western Australia and the third in August 2004 in Auckland, New Zealand, the fourth is Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam and the fifth is Manila, Philippines. The next study tour is scheduled sometime in August 2007. These Study Tours have been organized with the following purpose:

1. To educate and keep members abreast on latest security and safety issues, measures, trends, etc.
2. To benchmark against overseas security industries.
3. To network with security organisations and professionals overseas which will help in unity, bonding and trust.
4. To promote and enhance the image of our Association.

It is a tremendous learning experience for its members when they meet up with the foreign Security Associations and the Police for talks on “criminal and organized crime, and trends with overseas terrorism.”

Study Tours of this nature is one of the ways the private security agencies can work to enhance their professional standards and to instill public confidence. Other efforts include joint policing, collaborations and consultations with local authorities and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on national security issues, and the increase of academic discipline on security management among security practitioners. Reliance on practical experience alone is not enough.

Study Tours would also enable private security practioners to engage in global networking and standardization, so to garner creative and fresh ideas to improve on our own local security system.

The Association organises an average of one Annual Dinner & Dance per year for members and their families to get together and spend quality time.